Thinking About Using DIY Gate Installation Kits?June 4th, 2019

Friends and customers ask our professional gate installers and repairers about DIY gate installation kits all the time. So we thought we would give you our opinion.

There’s no doubt in our minds that driveway gates give a distinctive to look to your home and can add extra security. You may think that the easiest way to install these gates is to buy a gate kit, either with posts included or along with a separate post kit. We have rescued several residential customers who have tried this method.

So what should you do?

J&J Garage & Gate is of the opinion that, due to the intricacies of installing an automatic driveway gate, and the safety concerns related to driveway gates, that you should not attempt an installation on your own. The best option for a homeowner who wants to be involved with the installation of their driveway gate is to assist our gate technicians.

Our Dallas gate installers and repairmen have the knowledge, experience, and the correct tools to quickly and efficiently install your driveway gate. J&J Garage & Gate takes pride in our excellent service reviews because we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work that we do for them. We are also quick and efficient when it comes to installing gate products like Apollo, LiftMaster, and Elite gate systems.

Please avoid the “DIY” kits and work with a quality driveway gates installation company. You go to a dentist to work on your teeth and an optometrist to for your eyes. So why not call professional gate installers to help with your driveway gate.

When it comes to your gate installation and gate repairs in Dallas – Fort Worth, you can depend on J&J Garage & Gate to do a great job for you. Our gate installers can help you make your DIY driveway gate install a breeze.

J&J Garage & Gate proudly provides gate services in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.