Driveway & Entry Gate Motor RepairsMarch 13th, 2013

Your electronic driveway or entryway gate’s motor is one of the most crucial parts in the whole system. When the motor goes out, the simple act of driving into your home can become a hassle. Some people get around this problem by leaving their gate propped open or manually opening and closing the gate every time they leave their house. Both of these options are major inconveniences. If you are having trouble with your electronic gate, it could be a problem with the motor. You need a company that has experience working with the motors of driveway and entry gates.


Driveway gate motor repair can be difficult for those who are not familiar with the process.electric-gate-motor-300x231 There are many parts involved that could be causing the issue. There could be water damage. A wire or several wires could be bad. You may need new switches, transmitters, or a whole new electronic board. J&J Garage and Gate has over 12 years of experience with entry gate motor repair. We have the know-how to troubleshoot to find the cause of any electronic gate malfunction.


After the problem has been discovered through thorough troubleshooting methods, you need to find the right parts for your gate. This is not as easy as searching the Internet. Matching the right part to the right electronic gate is crucial. Also, some models and brands of electronic gates have been discontinued. Finding parts for these motors might be very challenging. On top of finding the right part, you need to be sure that you are buying quality parts that will last. J&J Garage and Gate can find almost any part necessary for driveway gate motor repair. We ensure that all of the parts we use are durable and manufactured with top quality.


Sometimes the cause of the malfunction is in the programming. Electronic motors of any kind are not always self-explanatory. It often takes experience to know how to get everything to the right settings and connected the way it should be. When someone works on an electronic gate and they are not familiar with the programming steps they need to take, it can cause immediate problems or problems down the road. A repair technician that is knowledgeable of entry gate motor repair and programming can do the job right the first time without causing any future malfunctions.


Other times, nature can damage your electronic gate motor. This might happen instantly or over time. Electronics are often delicate pieces of equipment. Anytime the control box is insufficiently sealed, you run the risk of corrosion due to water damage. Also, insects and other pests may find their way inside and chew on wires or other parts. If you suspect that your electronic gate’s motor has been damaged by water or insects, call J&J Garage and Gate. We can often have these issues fixed quickly at an affordable cost.