Everything You Need to Know about Turnstile GatesgaAugust 17th, 2015

Warning: we’re going to shift directions here slightly. We’re going from the usual talk about automatic driveway gates to turnstile gates.

You’ve seen those before – you probably just can’t quite get the image in your head. Think about the last time you were at a pro baseball or football game.

The typical turnstile has a little horizontal bar that hits you (uncomfortably) at about waist level. As you pass through, another bar rotates up behind you, coming close to hitting you in the rear.

That’s the traditional type of turnstile gate we’re talking about.

Who Uses Turnstile Gates?

Usually businesses or large institutions that need to keep their facility secure. Athletic facilities, schools, amusement parks, stadiums, museums, train stations, subway stations, ski resorts, and large office buildings. Homeowners don’t use turnstile gates.

Turnstile gates are used to control the flow of foot traffic, increase security, count visitors, and even restrict access exclusively for people who have a specific ticket or pass. They’re also helpful when security needs to identify and confiscate prohibited materials from a specific person.

What Other Uses and Options Are There for Turnstiles?

Now that’s just those waist-high turnstiles. Of course, advances in technology have made all kinds of other uses, styles, and options available.

For example, you can get turnstiles that swing open so they comply with ADA regulations. Okay, so maybe that advance happened as a result of government action.

Take a look at a more seriously useful turnstile, like a full-height turnstile. Consumers don’t see these too often, but you might see them protecting the entrance to a bank in a high-crime area of the city.

Or, there’s also optical turnstiles. Rather than using arms or bars to control your movement, you can easily pass through while a photoelectric infrared beam scans you to grant or deny access. A chime sounds when the turnstile determines it’s okay for you to pass.

Turnstile gates can also come with retractable belts (like you might see in a store around the holidays), as heavy duty security panic gates, or you can even have portable ones too. Portable turnstiles, however, usually can’t read cards because electricity isn’t available to them.

However you think it’s best to protect your facility, there’s a turnstile option available that will work well for you.