Everything You Need to Know about Venice Style Dual Swing GatesNovember 23rd, 2014

Quick – what’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of driveway gates?

Got it?

Go to Google and type in “Venice style dual swing gates.”

Do the results look like the images in your mind?

For many people, that’s exactly what they think of.

Now, take a look at some of the details of these gates:

Great for Security

These gates can be about chest-high (4-5 feet or so), and pretty much get as tall as you want them to (12 feet tall even).

If they’re shorter, few people are going to want (or even be able) to jump them. If you get taller ones, they’re going to be difficult to climb at best.

Anyone planning to commit crimes on your property will think much harder about doing so when they see this type of gate.

Durable and Maintain Their Look

Wrought iron gates like this last a long, long time. This protects these gates from rust and corrosion. You know what rust looks like. Corrosion can look similar after some time. At first though, it has a noticeable white and bluish-greenish look.

Also, because they’re made of metal (and not wood, for example), they’re much more durable in that respect as well. They won’t rot after several years or break if someone kicks them.

There’s some debate as to whether wrought iron or galvanized steel lasts longer, and there’s not a clear answer on that (despite what company marketing departments may say).

A Classical, Magnificent Look

Not only do these gates give your home a wonderful majestic look, but they take your mind back in history too. Some love the thought of horses and carriages – and their ornate look definitely reminds you of those times.

Powder Paint Offers Several Benefits…

Powder paint actually covers the galvanized steel on ornamental wrought iron gates. In a nutshell, it helps decorate the steel and also makes its attractive look last longer. And if you’re environmentally conscious, it releases a minuscule amount of VOCs into the air versus liquid paints.

A Couple of Cons…

First, the obvious one: it’s easy to see through this type of gate, so you don’t get much privacy. Second, weather damage eventually takes its toll on the powder paint and eventually you will need to repaint these gates. The powder paint coat protects the wrought iron from rust, but the weather chips it over time, causing the need for repainting every few years.

So if you’re considering Venice style swing gates, this is everything you need to know about them first.

Enjoy your gate shopping!