LiftMaster Gate Opener ReviewMarch 20th, 2016

LiftMaster Gate Openers are great to have for your gates as they do indeed provide you with a true sense of security, to keep intruders out and to let you and others onto your residential or commercial property as need be. This article will be focusing on the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener.

Features And Benefits The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is designed to have a very impressively powerful 24 VDC motor that is able to provide you with an exceptional starting torque and that offers a soft, smooth stop and start operation. This promotes longer life for the gate and opener, as well as providing you with good, reliable, dependable performance every time.

Another benefit of using the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is the fact that it is able to operate gates that have a measurement of up to sixteen feet in length and that have a weight of up to five hundred and fifty pounds.

The Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener comes to you with the inclusion of an on board radio receiver. This provides you with a single remote control solution for your various gates and additional access points on the property. But do note that the remote controls are sold separately from the radio receiver that comes with this gate opener. This means that the radio receiver allows you to be able to use just one remote control to conveniently open all your gates and other access points on your property.

The battery run system allows you to have complete operational functionality of the gate opener, including all of your DC control devices and sensing devices. The slow start and stop is crafted to be able to provide for a great reduction of stress and shock to the gate system during usage when starting and stopping to open and close the gate with the device.

The obstruction detection system that is internally placed in the device is able to provide separate force adjustments in relation to both the opening and closing directions of the gate. For example, if the gate happens to come in contact with some type of obstruction, then a closing gate will reverse to the open position and an opening gate will completely stop.

There are masterfully designed control inputs that allow for the connection of a full range of external devices that are optional, such as loop detectors, telephone entry systems, access control systems, along with the inclusion of radio receivers. The bi-part latch works well with swing gate designs in which the wings overlap by allowing one of the wings to be able to open prior to the other wing being able to commence opening or by allowing one of the wings to be able to close before the final wing closes. There is a timer to set how long it will take for the gate to be able to completely close, which is able to be set anywhere from a span of zero to one hundred and twenty seconds, allowing you the exact time you need to get onto your property and then to close the gate.


The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is a trustworthy source for security for your property. It will work well and is very durable. Many contractors install these types of LiftMaster gate openers on the residential properties that they build. This gate opener is worthy of consideration, purchase and usage.