How Much Can You Expect to Pay for a New Gate?April 30th, 2015

You know how much most contractors charge for various services. HVAC, home improvements – those things are commonly known.

But not everyone gets automatic driveway gates. It’s not typical for the average homeowner.

So before you go out there and get a bunch of quotes, we’ll let you know ballpark ranges to expect.

On the low side, for a simple chain link swing or slide gate, you should expect to pay at least $4,000. With driveway gates, just like anything else, you can customize them almost infinitely. So you can easily put down $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or more if you want.

Take a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of driveway gates:

Gate Type

If it looks good, it costs more. That’s the simple rule to follow. Basic chain link gates, great for security, are on the less costly side.

Decorative wooden and ornamental wrought iron gates cost more. You can also use materials like aluminum, steel, and vinyl (which costs less).

Number of Panels

If you have a dual-panel gate (versus a single-panel gate), no surprises – that increases your costs. But they look fancier too.

Additional Customization

If you must have the most gorgeous gate in your neighborhood, one with masonry columns, architectural lighting, and artistic hand painting, you’ll be paying more. If you want to keep costs down, go with the basic gate.

What Automation Do You Want?

Gate openers make up a large piece of your cost. Electromechanical gate openers (For you handy types: they work on 12 volts of DC electricity), cost less. Hydraulic gate openers increase your costs.

And here, too, you have room for customization. Vehicle detection, voice communication, keypad access, and installing cameras all increase your costs.

But they increase the safety and security your gate offers too.

The Contractor You Choose

Let’s be honest – contractors price differently. Some even gouge. That’s just the reality you face out there.

What’s important is to have a contractor with proven experience and a credible reputation you can research online. You may pay slightly more for better service. But it saves you so many headaches and hassles that it’s more than worth the cost.

Security Gates May Cut Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums We can’t make any promises because all insurance companies have their own policies. But since security gates do just that – improve your home’s security – your insurance company often recognizes you’re a lower risk. Before you buy a gate, give your insurance agent a call and see if they have discounts available.

A new security gate has a broad cost range that fits almost any budget – $4,000 – $50,000, or even more. It’s up to you, your budget, and what you want from your gate.