What’s the Typical Process for Installing a Driveway Gate?February 24th, 2015

You probably aren’t too familiar with automatic driveway gate installation. It’s just not something you see happening all the time.

But, many people in the DFE metroplex install them because they:

  • Improve the attractiveness of your property
  • Protect your property from criminal access
  • Boost property value

At J&J, we get them installed in about a week (sometimes a little more than that).

And this is what you can roughly expect for the way things will work when we do:

Scheduling an On-Site Visit

Here, we’re going to learn your vision for your automatic driveway gate. You can custom design any type and style of gate you want.

It could be a simple, but effective, chain link gate. Or you could go with a majestic ornamental wrought iron gate.

Once we understand what you want, you’ll either get an estimate on-site or one shortly after.

Day 1: Excavation Where Needed

This depends largely on the type of gate you choose to install. At a basic and general level, we excavate for the conduit run (if needed), and do the same for gate post, track, and operator footings. We also install them.

Day 2: Installation of Posts and Footings

Pretty straightforward here. All the groundwork was done on day 1. Today, the posts and footings get installed on the spot.

Day 3: Installing all the Fancy Technical Stuff

Vehicle detection loops and all control wire are taken care of on this day. At this point, it still doesn’t look like much is getting done, but that all changes on the next day.

Day 4: Gate Installation

Here’s where we do the most exciting part – actually installing your gate. Now, it looks like things are coming together for you.

A little bit below the radar – we install your gate operator and controls too.

Day 5: Closing Ceremonies

Today, we put the finishing touches on your automatic driveway gate. You’ll get detailed instructions and training on how to operate and maintain your new gate.

Day 6 and Beyond: Bonus: Show it Off to Your Neighbors & Feel More Secure!

Isn’t this what you really want at the end of the day? It’s nice to one-up your neighbors, but also to feel a little more relaxed and peaceful too.

On day 6, and for the rest of your time you own your property, you get to enjoy these benefits.

So sit back and have some fun with your new automatic driveway gate!